About Us

For 12 years, our commitment is to supply our customers in more than 25 markets with their needs from various products and Because of our constant fulfillment of this commitment, we guarantee the excellence in the international business thanks to the talented team led by our CEO who is a professor in international trade, as he earned the doctorate degree in the same field and specialized in elevating and maintaining a perfect trade business.

Also, we are glad that we have an excellent reputation as an exporter of many other products far from food industry as we believe that we have to meet our clients' satisfaction through offering and supplying them with our various Egyptian products from different industries which have a great value in the foreign market such as packing bags, cotton linens,…etc.

Being one of the Egyptian leaders in the export business for more than 10 years, make Global Trade carry the responsibility for helping all the Egyptian industrial castles to export and present their high standard products to the appropriate markets all over the world. So, besides exporting our own products, we also can outsource the Export service to the other local companies and factories which have products in suitable quality according to the global market standards and want to break the local border.