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Fresh Grapes

Egyptian fresh grapes are very well-known worldwide with the premium quality and very sweet taste, we carefully select the best harvest for exporting putting in mind the importance of the fast packing process to maintain the perfect quality of grapes and keep them away from any handling issues.

Variety Season Diameter Brix (sugar Level)
White Sugraone Seedless From week 21 till week 27 +17mm Minimum 16%
Red Flame Seedless From week 23 till week 28 17mm Minimum 17%
Red Crimson Seedless From week 27 till week 37 17mm Minimum 17%
Red Globe (Seeded) From week 28 till week 33 22-30mm Minimum 16%

Carton NW punnets/carton No.of Cartons/pallet No. of Cartons/ container Container NW
5 kg 10 punnets*500gm 120 2,400 12,000

Besides the mentioned fruits, Global trade can offer and supply many other items upon customers' request such as; Avocado, stone fruits, dates, guava, strawberry in addition to frozen fruits too.