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Navel Oranges:
Egyptian Navel oranges are ideal for eating as they are seedless oranges, have a long shelf life and packed in different presentations and in accordance to the most updated quality system. Navel orange season starts in December till end of February.

Valencia Oranges:
Our Valencia orange is in premium quality, carefully selected as it's used mainly for orange juice production starting from March till end of May.

Carton N.W Carton Type No.of Cartons /Pallet No. of Cartons /Container Container N.W (kg)
15 kg Open top carton 65 1300 19500
15 kg Telescopic carton 80 1600 24000
8 kg Telescopic carton 132 3168 25344
8 kg Open top carton 140 2800 22400

Besides the mentioned fruits, Global trade can offer and supply many other items upon customers' request such as; Avocado, stone fruits, dates, guava, strawberry in addition to frozen fruits too.